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Who Says That Fruit Slot Machines Aren’t Lucky?
The colors on the fruit slot machines helped me notice them. Fruit slot machines helped fulfill my dreams!
I shuffled around the Casino floor and that’s when I no…

Are the fruit slot machines a mirage?

Want to loose weight and have fun all at the same time? Boy have I got the perfect solution for you. My doctor told me that I had to loose 50 pounds or run the risk of hear attack, he put me on the fruit diet. I had to eat fruits all day long for 1 month straight. I was feeling down in the dumps, withdrawal set in without my favorite cookies and cakes to eat, what was I to do? My friend suggested that I take a trip to Reno, if I take my mind of food, it won’t be so hard. As I walked around the Casino, I felt out of place, with a bag filled with fruits, who wouldn’t notice me? I was about to give up and go home, suddenly I notice them from the corner of my eye, fruit slot machines, could it be? Maybe I was just seeing a mirage? I had to get closer to take a closer look. There were fruit slot machines, now I know I must of died and gone to heaven!

Doctors everywhere now prescribe fruit slot machines!

These fruit slot machines were a sign from heaven. I put 5 coins in and watched the very same fruits that were in my bag, spin round and round. Who could of thought of such a thing as fruit slot machines? Must have been somebody out there who was in the same predicament as myself. I really couldn’t care less who thought of those fruit slot machines; the only important thing is that there are fruit slot machines. I munched on an apple as I watched the apples spinning, enjoyed my banana as I watched them spin as well. I inserted 5 more coins and felt great as I popped the grapes into my mouth. That’s when I heard it, that loud noise and saw the flashing red light, I won the progressive jackpot! I played the fruit slot machines for a whole month straight. I ate the very same fruits that spun round and round and had no desire for any other foods. By the end of the month I lost 50 pounds and gained $20,000.00. My doctor was so impressed by my story that he now prescribes fruit slot machines with the fruit diet. Thanks fruit slot machines for changing my life in more ways than one!




Slot Machine Games

Some people love dogs, others love knitting, but if you’re reading this, then odds are you love playing slot machine games, right? Playing the slots is one of the most popular hobbies the world has ever seen….
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Slot Machine Games in Laundrette a Winner

Slot machine games located in laundrette wins college competition. Slot machine games played for 45 minutes while washing machine ran. …
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Want to Make Cash? Try Slot Machine Games

Everyone in college enjoyed slot machine games. When I graduated I understood how easy it was to make money on slot machine games. …
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Looking for Slot Machine Games in Neighborhood

Friend asks me to find out if there are slot machines games in our neighborhood before deciding whether to move here. I scout out our neighborhood for slot machine games. …
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Who Says That Fruit Slot Machines Aren’t Lucky?

The colors on the fruit slot machines helped me notice them. Fruit slot machines helped fulfill my dreams! …
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Need to Make Money? Check Out All the Slot Machine Games Around

Always try a variety of slot machine games. Today there are so many slot machine games, there is a money making solution for everyone. …
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Waste No Time at Garage Sales: Make Money at Game Slots

The garage sale was boring so I went to play game slots. The money I made from game slots I gave to my mom. …
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The Versatility of the Slot Machine Games

Slot machine games have become much more popular and varied within the last decade. To appreciate all the new slot machine games, you must understand the differences. …
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Important Information about Slot Machine Games

If you like the slot machine games, you must read this. All you need to know to beat the slot machine games is here. …
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Slot Machine Games can Offer Hour after Hour of Entertainment

Slot Machine Games are Based on Luck and Not on Skill. In Order to Come Out Ahead when You Play Slot Machine Games, Don’t Let Greed Take Over. …
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Mavis and slot machine games

The cup of tea and slot machine games; how Id gotten really hooked on slot machine games. …
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Slot Machine Games – The Excitement!

With so many slot machine games out there just waiting to be played, there’s no way you can go wrong. Slot machine games are the core of the gambling industry.
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Slot Machine Games or Men

As a single female I am weighing slot machine games to men. The slot machine games are so much better than men, in so many ways. …
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Today is the winning at slot machine games day!

Today your horoscope says it’s winning at slot machine games days. Be sure to play on Friday and Saturday – winning as slot machine games days. …
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Search for the Slot Machine

Jason sailed the seas in search of the hidden Slot Machine, which had been stolen from his ancestors. His quest was successful, and he recovered the long lost slot machine for posterity. …
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Slot Machine Games Study

Publication of reports of the ongoing research on slot machine games has received attention. The latest research has changed the place of slot machine games in modern western society. …
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Slot Machine Games Program

The 2005 Master Slot Machine Games Program will determine all the slots in the city. The Program contains a map and defined policy concerning all slot machine games. …
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Slot Machine Games and Lemonade

Mark created his own little slot machine games. He put out a sign and was ready to make money with his slot machine games. …
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Pretend Slot Machine Games

Mark’s slot machine games were becoming very popular. Never mind the fact that the slot machine games were only pretend. …
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Magic Joe Fixes the Slot Machine

Rick headed to the Indian Reservation to get the slot machine fixed.  Magic Joe was so happy to see his old slot machine and to realize that Rick believed now in its powers. …
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Favorite Slot Machine Games

Slot machine games have an interesting and wonderful history. Follow me back to your childhood as we explore the history of slot machine games together….
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Why Slot Machine Games Attract Us

If like millions of people, you love slot machine games, then you probably love a bit of danger, the spice that puts the zing in slot machine games and life. …
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Who Says That Fruit Slot Machines Aren’t Lucky?