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Spanish 21 Online Black Jack – Most Liberal Blackjack Around

Spanish 21 is the most liberal online black jack game around. When you play online black jack Spanish 21, you will find that this variation of online black jack is fun and you will win lots more with its flexibility and liberal rules. Some of the differences in playing online black jack Spanish 21 are almost too good to be true. In this online black jack game, the 10s are taken out of the deck and so you are playing with a deck consisting of only 48 cards, however to off shoot this, the game adds some rules which will really aid you in winning.

Online Black Jack Spanish 21 Explained

With online Black Jack Spanish 21, the player will always win on a blackjack or 21 even if the dealer is showing a blackjack or 21 also. This is one of the many great advantages of online black jack Spanish 21. Some other advantages are: being able to double down on any number of cards, aside from blackjack and 21, all dealer and player ties are pushed, and the dealer always hits on soft 17 (meaning he cannot stand when he has a 17 with an ace.) Online Black Jack Spanish 21 is really growing in popularity due to its liberal playing rules. If you want to start winning now then get into an Internet casino and start playing online black jack Spanish 21 now, you won’t be sorry you did.




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