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Black Jack is the COOLEST!!

Black jack is the coolest game on the planet! Mark my words – I’ve tried them all and I’ve come to the conclusion that black jack is where it’s at – definitely the coolest. Roulette, slots, keno, poker, video poker, and baccarat have nothing on black jack. NOTHING! Nothing beats the thrill of playing black jack with your best friends in Vegas and hitting 21 – over and over and over again. The thrill of hitting that 21 is what gets my heart going, it’s what rocks with my world, what floats my boat, what pops my rocket.

Black Jack All Night Long

The other day I went to Vegas for a bachelor party. I was so open to play any game available – I mean, I am opened minded after all. Anyway, after playing a few games of video poker, slots, and roulette, I couldn’t help myself and headed over to the black jack table. And the rest folks, is history. I just couldn’t help myself – once I start playing black jack, I can’t stop. I played and played and played black jack all night. It was amazing. My friends ended up going back to the hotel early – and I kept playing black jack! Eventually, they picked me up on the way back home and forced me to stop playing black jack. It was a weekend to remember – and I can’t wait until my next black jack Vegas trip.


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