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Janet walked into the dentists office. She always hated getting her teeth cleaned. Today, however, she would be surprised. The dentist, Dr. Tooth, had recently installed the best online casino game on his office computer. While patients waited, he allowed them to enjoy the best online casino games. Patients had recently started to sign up for extra teeth cleaning, just to have the opportunity to play the best online casino games that he offered. Today would be Janets special day. Walking into the office, she noticed Dr. Tooths large banner that announced, Now Featuring the Best Online Casino Game! The best online casino game, she thought to herself. What is that?

Trying Out the Best Online Casino Game

Sitting down to wait her turn, Janet noticed the twelve other patients playing the best online casino game. Well, I guess I might as well play too, she thought to herself. Janet had never played an online game before, let alone the best online casino game. The patient next to her showed her how it worked, and she began to play.

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