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Who likes to play Online Black Jack more?

Have you ever wondered who likes to play Online Black Jack more? Is it men or is it women? I guess that’s not the the first thing a person thinks about, but since I thought about it, I guess it’s time to find out. In order to figure out who likes to play Online Black Jack more, we must first think about how it relates to different sexes. Is Online Black Jack more geared for men, or is Online Black Jack more geared for women? I guess you could say inquiring minds want to know.

The Online Black Jack riddle is solved

In order to uncover the answer to who likes to play Online Black Jack more, we first had to set up booths in the mall parking lot. We equipped each booth with 10 computers linked directly to Online Black Jack. Next, we printed colorful fliers’s that announced our survey. Each person without being co-coerced, would enter the booth and decide for themselves if they want to play Online Black Jack. Each person would get to play Online Black Jack for exactly 5 minutes. Afterwards, we handed each person that participated a card worth $100.00 to use at any of 5 popular stores. This was our way of saying thanks for helping us out. Are you ready for the results of our Online Black Jack survey? You guesses the results before-hand didn’t you? You should of told us. Instead, we spent millions trying to figure out the answer. Women do play Online Black Jack more than men. Do you have any idea why? We asked each person to fill out a card when they were done. The question on the card? Why do you enjoy playing Online Black Jack? 90% of the answers from women were because Online Black Jack is easy to play, it doesn’t have any complicated rules, and because it’s a fast game. There you have the answer and the reason.




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Online black jack Around the World

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Online Blackjack Day

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